Jethan’s Lair Is My Story Blog

My actual blog. That is all about story. Jethan’s Lair.

Actually I’m posting on Rosedale Arts in tandem with my other blog, so…Either one works.  (Though sometimes I change the wording a smidge or might post exclusive posts on either one.  Depends on what I feel like.  But most of it is the same.)

Rosedale Arts has posts about the writing process, random sketches and art, NaNoWriMo updates, and story excerpts.  And sometimes love poetry and life stuff, which is not on Jethan’s Lair.

I’m blogging Spectra 1 as I write it and it is slooooow going, but I want to keep trying it.

Be sure to check out my Story Projects page, cuz that is way more interesting than my Home or About pages.