Jethan’s Lair Is My Story Blog

My actual blog. That is all about story. Jethan’s Lair.

Actually I’m posting on Rosedale Arts in tandem with my other blog, so.  Either one works.  (Though sometimes I change the wording a smidge or might post exclusive posts on either one.  Depends on what I feel like.  But most of it is the same.)

I’m doing Nanowrimo so I’ll add this:


And now I can’t directly link to it in wordpress comments because WordPress wants me to log in as Rosedale Arts since it decided that it must monopolize my email and I can never not be logged in to comment…so you get to come to my not real blog if you click on my name.




I’m posting pages of my July Camp Nano comic on the blog, so there’s actual stuff to see.

But I pretty much have done nothing to make this blog properly functional, or finish the construction phase, I guess.

Meh.  I need to draw more, not fiddle with blogs.