The Cursed Evil Peep

Once upon a time there lived an evil peep.  His eyes were full of madness and he lived in a grassy basket, but out he came each evening, the hour of Doom followed the setting sun.  For as he walked upon the deserted street crashes of lightning fell upon the earth, fell beasts appeared from the shadows, strange spirits swirled out of vortexes.  Children ran from their play on the lawns, shrieking in terror as the peep walked up the drive a deranged grin on his face.  The sun would protect them no longer and hjs dark masters would have souls to feed upon.

The kids hastily piled through the door, the peep close at hand.  They locked the door, pressed against it hearing the strange wailing of the peep. “You won’t escape this time! Creatures of the night roam the land!  Beast with your ax, break down the door!”

The children screeched in horror as they saw a tall monster with black fur coming towards the door with a hefty ax!

What were they to do?!

“Mommy!  The peep is going to kill us!” a girl named Amy cried.

“Well, eat some broccoli and you’ll be fine,” she replied barely glancing above her magazine.

“Can broccoli really protect our souls?” a boy named David asked.

“It’s our only chance! The monster is here!” a boy with glasses said.  His name was Zach.

They shoved chunks of broccoli into their mouths just as the otter beast smashed through the door and heard the sound of ominous waddling.  Shadows grew sharper and more terrifying than ever before!  The peep laughed at their distress giggling like a loon, his wide black eyes boring into their souls, baiting them to come out and be his prisoners.  First fell David, clutching his head as he moaned in agony.  Screamed actually.

“No!” Amy screamed.  “The broccoli doesn’t work!”

“He’s killing Dave!” Zach said.

“And you shall be next!” The peep snarled.PictoPrompterPictoPrompter