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July NaNo 2017-The Black Rose

This Camp Nano has started rather slowly, I set the tiniest goal possible and opted to make 30 pages this month.

But I had no defined project.  Finally, I decided to practice making a comic with digital art, and I started posting a bit of it on my other blog.  But I’m going to post it here too, just so people can comment easily and get notifications.

So, pretty much expect to have a bunch of meandering, nearly plotless comics with confused art styles and magic sparkles plastered everywhere.

At least it has a premise.  But without any particular reason to that premise, other than “Magic. Duh.”

Also, I’m pretending that Tari is sort of writing the story, cuz it’s his novella.  Or something.  It’s weird and experimental, cuz that’s the best way to make things happen when the Perfectionitus Monster is lurking around.

Here are the first two pages:

Vague magic and mysterious heroine.