Thren’s 14th Birthday (Plus Worldbuilding Tag)

You can tell I’m a great blogger, because I have two posts in one day!  The previous post I had drafted for about a week before I finally forced myself to finish it.  Just so I could make this one afterward, without any drafting or planning beforehand.


But why the rush today?

It’s a big deal.

Today, September 15th is the day of Thren’s creation 14 years ago…

“Caper 1:  The Messeage in the Midle of the Night

Onec upon a time, there lived a buetiful* pricess name Lanuka…”

*I can’t remember the precise misspelling.

I am glad to say, that after all of these years, my spelling and stories have both improved.  Many intricate and detailed sagas have swirled about in my head, little hints of them showing up in things like the Deathmatch Tournament.  And old blog stuff.

So here’s a ramble about Thren.

Despite the hundred thousand stories I have set in Thren (or perhaps because of them), I have never quite gotten Thren’s geography down correctly.  It always looks a bit off.  A bit risky to settle on one map forever.

Thus the map that most captures Thren right now is, this:

An old sock stuffed with more socks, forming a globe that I glued bits of fabric to.  Here you can see the front of Thren, the Westlands and the landmass containing Venkoshe and Dahara (basically a joint continent divided by a long mountain range and cultures).

As you can see, it makes a great pin cushion.

It is a very bad map.

Except it’s a globe, so it’s pretty cool and I’m keeping it.

From the back there is a large ocean of nothing (and some merfolk) and a few tiny continents far to the south that must be a dysfunctional Antarctica. They aren’t anything at this point though.  It really needs another big continent here.  Or an island.  Something.

The back must change.

I do have detailed, paper maps, but those ain’t accurate either, nor are they 3D and colorful.

The Westlands are basically Europe, Venkoshe came from reading a book of Russian fairy tales with snazzy illustrations, and Dahara came from reading a novel set in ancient Egypt, and Greek myths.  It turned into a hodgepodge of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Eastern Europe, and a dab more of Northwest Europe, and a giant jumble of just fantasy stuff.

Mostly it’s a jumble of fantasy stuff that pretends to be based off of real things.

I mean, what are Brigonans?  I have no idea.  They’re ancient and fancy and have tons of magic stuff with enchanted golems that can blow up entire cities.  And I can’t tell if they’re mostly a cool climate or a warm climate, or if the Hero is dressed warm because he’s in some mountains.

And it was totally fun when Akon was a Smathic colony city that got destroyed, but now that city, in the same plotline, gets razed by the Empire of Akonia, whose capitol city is now Akon.

Makes sense.

Or how there’s an English sort of place, called Lenorin, except to get English you’re going to need some Anglo-Saxon and French being flung around.  Well, Lenorin has some nordic/anglo-saxony neighbors now, but the nearest latin language that could be anything like French is…mostly in Dahara, very far away from Lenorin…Unless a tiny smidge of French-like people showed up in Silanar, but nothing in Silanar sounds French, and originally it was supposed to take inspiration from Italy and…

My world grows bigger and the mix people groups and languages never make a speck of sense.  Thren is a mutant that has been growing for 14 years.

I mean, it’s a pretty mutant, but it doesn’t always make sense.

Which is why I am afraid of making Official Maps for it.

But perhaps now is the time to ramble about some of the major stories in Thren?

Well, there’s Tristan’s story, Kitallia’s story, and Eldakiah’s story…*lists 10 billion names and their stories*

Maybe you should just tell me to write them instead of let me continue rambling here.

Because I’m not quite sure how much more I can get written before midnight hits, and it would be terrible to post Thren’s birthday post the day after!  (And there’s this thing called bedtime I think…?)

Well, the main thing about Thren’s stories are the timelines.  I have Super Ancient stories, Ancient Stories, Slighly Ancient Stories,  Medieval stories, Medieval-Victorian stories, AND finally….Modern Day World War stories!  Cuz it’s dramatic that way.

Not that the other time periods don’t have world wars too, it’s just that they have other stuff as well.

Are you still with me reader?

I mean, I don’t have any more pictures coming, so it’s gonna be a wall of text.

I doubt there’s any birthday cake either, it’s just a lie after all.

Hmm…I don’t think I have any super cool walls in Thren.  There’s some towers, but not walls.  I guess since there’s mountains everywhere, it doesn’t matter, no one needs super awesome walls.

Man, what can I say without just monologuing forever to the point of boring people to death revealing spoilers?

Happy Birthday, Thren!

Hey, can you hide a few bodies in that broken Antarctica place?

Not even Diandra will be able to find them and solve the mystery!

But that is not all!

You know how I said I never tag people in the previous post?

Well, now that can change, I shall start my own tiny tag!

The Worldbuilding Tag!

It will be simple, share 7 facts about your storyworld or worldbuilding process in honor of half of Thren’s age.  (The other half is grumpy and should be ignored for the sake of brevity.)

So, I will tag:

Kenzie, Julia, Kate, Anna, and loverofwriting2!

The little rules:

-Show thy gratitude to thy tagging benefactor, knave!  (Or perhaps fling sarcasm at them?)

-Spout nonsense about your world to the tune of 7 thingamabobs.

-Tag 7 or 14 other people to do the same (unless you know that it is nonsense). #TagRebelAlliance

-There is no cake.

Bonus: Post an hour before Midnight on the same day that is most significant for the post.  #Sensible

Should this tag be called “The Seven Wonders” Worldbuilding Tag?

That’s pretty much it.

Fantasy geography, yay or nay?  Can you make maps and stick with them, or do you end up changing them?  Are you interested in what else has gone on in Thren besides bad cartographers, grumpy protagonists, and Kitallia stealing all the cake (cuz she did that)?


The Versatile Writer Award

I posted this on my main blog first, but added it here so people can easily find it/comment.

Another writing tag!

Kenzie and loverofwriting2  have both nominated me to write seven random facts about myself.

‘Tis for the Versatile Writer Award! ^.^


  • Thank the people who nominated you
  • Write seven random facts about yourself
  • Nominate ten other bloggers
  • Link to said bloggers and let them know you tagged them

Thank you, thank you, my fine writing buddies!  *Bows to the audience in front of a fabulous red velvet curtain because why not?*


I like flying stuff.

Airplanes, helicopters, birds, bugs of certain sorts that aren’t annoying.  Particularly a certain sort of…gnat?  A bug that I see flying around flowering mint quite often.  I call it a gnat but I haven’t succeeded in identifying it.  Anyway, it is supremely good at hovering.  While butterflies flit around and veritably flop through the air, this little mint bug will carefully hover in place for several seconds and quickly change course and hover elsewhere, moving with a laser-fine precision to it.  A feat of engineering are in those wings. Fabulous.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what it is.

I want a Pink Front Door.

You may think me a lunatic (and you would be correct), but the fact remains that once upon a time I saw a photo of a pink door in an entryway, and knew right then and there that it was the door for me. A bright, but not overbearing, pink.  With a golden doorknob.  It will look like a wild rose.

I have a Weird Social Rhythm

Actually, it’s more that I’m a super introvert and never talk to people, but whatever.

I’ll be social for a short burst, and say I want to keep doing it because it is fun.  And then I realize I’m thoroughly exhausted and must flee from the entirety of the world and puzzle over stories, or play a game, or anything solitudey that will still engage my brain in a relaxing, fun way.  Or take a nap.  (By nap, I mean lie in bed while listening to music non-stop.)

I am a Lunatic

But this is obvious because I am the killer combo of Writer and Cartoonist, and I refer to myself as the Evil Fanged Author.  But there are more examples, I’m just keeping them secret…


(Except for the pink door, you know that one too.)

Do not trust my baking and cooking measurements

“Oh, the measuring spoons are dirty?  Well, I’ll just use a normal spoon to measure this baking powder…”

I haven’t had horrible effects, so I guess I can eyeball it well enough, in general.  But my scratch hot chocolate on the other hand…I never measure anything, or properly taste it while making it.  But I don’t care if other people call it insipid, I just wanted a creamy, hot drink.  Tea is often just too thin.

I play solitaire way too much.

It is as it says.

I have too many creative ideas I never work on

“I really ought to make some sort of interactive book.  Something people can draw funny cartoons in.  Perhaps a guided journal or story outline….”

“Or maybe I should work on one of my ten bazillion stories, but if I do, that will be only one story worked on.  How can I do them all…?”

“Ooh, what about this sci-fi comic?  Oh, the character is morphing again?  Now I have five, six, no, seven story variants with her. Drat.”

*Doesn’t make anything except tiny notes*  (Literally, my handwriting is small.)

This Fact is likely not unexpected given how unused this blog is.


Here’s one more fun fact about me:

I don’t really tag people.

Because the people who tag me have already tagged all the writers I know (for I do not venture forth to more bloggers because hyper-introvert!), and we do not need to continue to exponentially spew sets of 7 facts about ourselves into the world.Unless the facts are our transmuted thoughts presented to the world in the form of completed stories.  That would be excellent.  Tag back into infinity then!

On the other hand, it made me wonder, “What if I made up a persona on a new blog, like some sort of crazy inventor bent on world domination, and then tagged them in every random tag that came my way and gave them some silly, characterful response…?”

See under: “Creative ideas I like, but never work on.”

Feel free to say 7 random facts about yourself in the comments! ^.^