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Spectra Sketches: Snowmobiling and Prologues

So, recently I sketched some pages for what I consider to be a teaser trailer/prologue to Spectra.  Today I started editing them, and since I like to use this blog more for behind-the-scenes stuff than finished work, I figure I might post a couple of pages and two different versions I have for the second page.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 2 edit

Pretty much how this happened is I sketched three pages a few days ago, and promptly dropped drawing, because don’t I need to color it all now?  And I have to make the snowmobiles realistic!  I know nothing about snowmobiles, I’ve just watched some videos on youtube.  So I worked on outline planning instead (cuz Camp NaNoWriMo is coming!!) and then I came to my sketches with fresh eyes.  Sometimes procrastination works.

I lined up all three pages on my computer, looking at the composition and pacing apparent in the layout.  The second page popped out as needing the most change, because he (Des) just took a dramatic turn and then…immediately stopped?  I don’t quite like the second version either, but it’s getting closer to what I’m after.  I also doodled another quick version with him making a little jump in that panel, but…it looks terrible.  Sketchy sketch with no in-person analysis and drawing of snowmobiles, oh yes.

On the other hand, perhaps I should just keep the original version and move ahead with the STORY and not have to draw a hundred million landscape shots when that isn’t the precise point of this scene.  Except part of the point is that Des is having fun, so more snowmobiling makes sense.  Whatever I do, I also want to change the top panels of page 1, to show less of the machinery, and more of him, and also I have to edit page 3, which I am keeping hidden right now (it’s like I have a pretend buffer page or something).

My sketching process has been to draw the base lineart on one layer, and then use another layer with a different colored brush to draw edits on.  Then I copy and paste the portions I want onto a new page if I want to share it online.  It all looks pretty messy to me, especially drawing the rider with all those limbs going everywhere, but I like this process of taking my time with the lineart and worrying about making finished products later.  Except I would like to get through this story a bit faster…because it’s very long and there is so much stuff in it.  Eep!  And I would like it to not take two decades to make. ):/   ):\    ):|

Other Updates:

I think the only other update I have to give is that I’ve had some planning breakthroughs and might be able to reattach the two halves of my outline that were snapped by Cool Villainess all those months ago…when I was momentarily a sad NaNo snail….

Also, I want to do some kind of character interview before Camp NaNo starts, but I feel like I can’t come up with enough interesting questions, OR that once my characters get together…they’ll probably kill each other….

*Places two enemy soldiers in close proximity to each other while asking personal questions.*

I’ll just stick Sheyla in-between them and they’ll stay peaceful?

The characters I want to interview are Sheyla, Des, Astarta, Dale, and maybe Rob and Blackwell.  I’m not sure if Blackwell has been introduced other than in one excerpt from Nano?  And he might not have been named then?  Alternatively, I could interview Blackwell’s sister, Aurora, who befriends Sheyla.  Who would you like me to interview and what questions would you like to ask them?  Anything from super serious stuff that I might shush them on mid-answer cuz “SPOILERS!” or supremely silly stuff, just to see their reaction.  The point is mainly entertainment, really.

Depending on how many questions I or others come up with, I might have to limit the amount of characters.  Four is usually a better interview number than 6.  Or 7.  (I have too many characters and not enough at the same time.)

Some questions I’m thinking of:

-What hobbies do you have?  (Des: Hmmm…I wonder what my hobby is….)

-Do you have frenemies/enemies you don’t want to kill?  -What’s a major goal in your life?  -What’s your unhealthy coping mechanism?

And maybe a couple other ideas.  I feel like I need more oddball silly questions though.

Anyway, I think this post is long enough, so there it is, I’ll surely have another thing to write soon enough.

*Des revs up his engine and flies off the snow mound.  And flops down into the snow as his snowmobile slides down the mountain slope.*

Des: I’m…I’m a better rider than that!

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Story Chaos

Well, this is just a quick update, I’ve been a little busy and not quite as active in the blogosphere, but right now I need to freak out about my story.  About Spectra.

Because while writing more plans for it and stuff, I’ve realized that I seem to be plotting a Galactic Apocalypse.

[Insert gifs of Eris saying, “Chaos.  Glorious chaos!” and closing the Book of Peace]

Everything that can go wrong does go wrong.  It’s kind of interesting.

It also means everyone is doomed and if they don’t die they will all need therapists, and the therapists will need therapists.  And they’ll need therapists…And there won’t be any around, cuz obviously on the main characters who are all action-adventure heroes and anti-heroes and antagonists will be the ones to survive.  Clearly.

Then again, given how messed up and dystopic everything is at the start of the story, perhaps they all deserve a galactic apocalypse.

Or maybe I’m throwing too many ideas in the pot for the sake of crazy action and special effects that will fall flat and feel disconnected from the starting tone of the story.

I have no idea.  Perhaps it would be enjoyable though.

I’m also trying to think if I want to blog a roughdraft of part of Spectra’s story, where the plot feels most cohesive and the emotional themes are what I want to delve into.  It’s kind of the middle beginning.  And it would be a bit roughdrafty because I just want to focus on the big picture and emotions and themes, and get something out there without worrying about what kind of sci-tech or societal details I need to add when I need to get this GIANT STORY OUT OF ME FINALLY!!!  Even if it’s little pieces here and there.  So, basically, it would have kind of normal narrative interspersed with gisty narrative and author notes going [What on earth is going on here?  What does this look like? I sense purple.]

But hey, behind-the-scenes making ofs are fun.

Then once I’ve written some of that, I might edit it and self-publish a book.  Except I can’t decide to write or to draw it.  I want both versions.  This is terrible.  Unless it’s meant to be a multimedia story.

Basically, I gotta make this story tangible and real in SOME way, or else it’ll be wandering around in my head going nowhere and gathering more and more ideas that will never do anything.

I am very indecisive right now.  I don’t know how to start this story and work my way through it.  I probably need to break it up into several pieces because it’s a series rather than one book.

Maybe I want to draw a roughdraft version of it and later I’ll redraw it.  Just trying to bounce ideas around.  I feel like I won’t be able to write any other stories until I make major progress on this one.

It would also be nice to finally be writing it and sharing it, because then I’ll be less likely to write about and say suspense ending things like, “Well, everyone dies in the end because APOCALYPSE! Hahahahahaha!  None of you readers will be surprised now.”  That’s just not the way to enter a story.

I think want I want to do is have some kind of digital layout for it all, so I can draw a page or section of pages here or there and piece them together over time and focus on the key moments so I don’t get bogged down in, “Well, this scene is supposed to happen, but I really don’t care about writing it, so meh.  Guess I’ll stop for now.”

Hopefully I can find an answer through all this rambling.  Perhaps it would help me understand the beginning if I had a solid ending for it.  Other than, “The Apocalypse happens, that’s kinda major.”

Sure it is, but it doesn’t tell me anything about the characters!  Okay, I know some things about the characters, but it’s not quite the last bit of The End.  What is the last page?  What do I want this story to close on?  That last moment counts!  Especially if this story takes forever to make and saying goodbye just sounds so sad…

*Adds more subplots and factions to the story so it never ends*

Yes, I’m sure that will fix everything… o.0  ):|

Des:  Uuuuughh, let’s just skip it all and have a nice, normal, and short slice-of-life comic about a sci-fi land, because do we really want to go through all of that, no we don’t.

Sheyla: That will never happen.

Des: Okay, can we have a FAST apocalypse and get it over with and go off to the Comic Void and chill out forever as out-of-canon characters with no worries?

Bad Badguy Guard: You think that’s what you want, but what if you become ghosts?!

Des: Well, that could be fun too.  Haunting people.  Scaring them.

Sheyla: I’ve had worse prospects.

Bad Badguy Guard: Oh, you think that!  But it’s a fact that life only has two guarantees: Death and Taxes.  And once you’re a ghost, you will have BOTH! FOREVER! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Des: …  >:|   Thanks for that, pal, but go away and kick some kittens.  You’re very helpful that way.  >:[

Sheyla: I guess I’ll haunt some Void Knights until they void me into oblivion so I won’t get taxed.  ):|

Bad Badguy Guard: …

Bad Badguy Guard: *Whispers to self* I must annihilate the Void Knights so people can’t disregard my trolling….

Magical Monster of Shadows: *Deep Voice* Or I will consume your Souls and gain the power to make war with the Ancient Ones.  Your being shall exist in eternal darkness as I feed off of it…

Humans: AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! *They run away*

That sounds spooky.  But I’m sure it was just a ghost trying to scare them because his taxes were coming due and he needed a little extra cash.  Totally.

The End.  For now.

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Current Projects ~ March 2018

The title used to say February 2018.

Apparently I’m late.

I’ll get to the point then.  My current story projects are: Chaos.

Sheer, total Chaos.

I dunno, man, I start and stop everything just as little creativity exercises rather than proper, consistent storytelling, so I’m not sure what I’m doing anymore.

But beyond my major story projects, which I wrote a page for, I have other ideas bouncing around.  You know, they ranged from a webcomic about a fantasy world meeting sci-fi technology and the catastrophe that befalls them, to just this morning some guy named Mr. Anderson was found murdered in his study and I’ve been meaning to write a proper murdery mystery some time.  So perhaps now is a good time for it.

I’ve sketched stuff for Spectra, for other comics, I wrote snippets of stories (One of which was a redo on the beginning of a book in a series that did not reach it’s full potential at all.  Doesn’t seem all that shareable.)

It seems like I just have a lot of behind-the-scenes writing practice to work on, and I’m simply not ready to have publishable stuff.  (Except if I say I’m not ready and it’s not possible, I’ll throw in reverse psychology and decide to write and self-publish a book in a month instead.  Cuz why not?)

One thing I know, I have been feeling quite bored lately.

I do need to find out why Mr. Anderson was murdered.

He was murdered in a locked room with a knife.

I’ll see what happens.