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Get to Know Me Tag (Writer’s Edition)

Yo.  Writers are playing tag right now.


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Vital Stats and Appearance

(pen)Name: Jethan

Nicknames: Jethan, I don’t have many nicknames online.

Birthday: Shhhh…

Hair color and length: Golden, brassy dark blonde.  A bit past my shoulders.

Eye color:  Blue-green.

Braces/piercings/tattoos: I once had braces, those days are over now… *Phew*

Righty or lefty: Right

Ethnicity: Anglo-Saxon Celtic Viking



First novel written: The Dragon Keep
First novel completed: Kitallia’s Return if you can call it a novel.  It’s 15 pages after I edited it.  I’ve never finished anything.  Maybe there’s a complete novel midway in Sheyla’s series, but nothing is properly finished.
Award for writing: Nothing except fun little tag awards.  Or winning NaNoWriMo.  I have three November wins.  Plus some camp stuff, but that’s easy to relax on.
First publication: You’re reading my blog.  It’s all right here.
Conference: Nope.
Query/Pitch: Nada.



Novel (that you wrote):  Spectra, could it be anything else at this point?  No, it couldn’t.

Genre: There is always Fantasy.  Then War.  Then Romance.  Then Apocalypse.

Author: I don’t actually have one…There’s ones I like, but I couldn’t pick one, single favorite.  Unless I can pick Nintendo.  I will always enjoy the Legend of Zelda stories.  Always.

Writing Music: Pandora Journey mixes, Position Music…just go on youtube and search for epic music mixes!

Time To Write: Seems to be afternoon and evening.

Writing Snack/Drink: Water, juice, hydration.  I would like snacks, but they are distracting.  Drinks are tidier.

Movie: I have no idea.

Writing Memory: I’ve really enjoyed my friends reactions to reading Spectra.

Childhood Book: Hmm…as far as proper novels go (rather than picture books or comic books)…maybe Harry Potter.



Reading: Nothing.

Writing: Spectra when I can.

Listening to: Like I said about writing music…Starless Sky

Also, there are birds outside.

Watching: People.

Learning: Life can turn out awesomely after a long, rough time.  I bet my stories will reflect that.  (That’s why they’re so long. 😛 )

(Sheyla: <:(  )



Want To Be Published:  Certainly.  At some point.  I’m closer since I’m blogging Spectra, even though it’s very, veeeeerrry sloooow….

Indie or Traditional: Myself.  Indie all the way.

Wildest Goal: Ruling a Multi-media Story Empire

The End

I’m supposed to tag 11 people?  Nope, nope.

How’s writing going?  Anyone else behind on Camp or their personal projects but feeling very chill and relaxed about that?

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