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NaNoWriMo 2018: The Dare Squad and 50K in Half a Month

The NaNo Dare Squad has returned once more!

The Dare Squad was formed by Kenzie to make NaNoWriMo extra fun…and dangerous.  It’s an extra incentive, it’s a group game…you set a specific goal for yourself to achieve in November and if you fail, you must do one of the Dares.  Each participant submits a dare with their goal.  And the dares are kept secret until the last part of November.

It’s an great way to feel more successful with NaNo if you know you can’t write 50k this year, but you still want to join the fun and want to write, say, 25k.  You can win freedom from the dares with that 25k.  Unless everyone wants to do the dares anyway and Kenzie pulls a twist again and the winners get a dare too. >:)

Last year I won my goal (75k words), but I still got to do a dare, because it was fun.

Now it is a fresh, new year.

My Goal:  Write 50,000 words BEFORE the 17th of November.  If I get to 50k by November 16th, 11:59pm I will be good.

I just have to prepare myself for the mad blaze of writing to come.  Oh boy.

I picked this goal because last year I wrote 25k in one week and 21k the week after.  I hit 50k on day 17.  I keep thinking about that and I want to replicate and improve that success, so I’ll push the date back by one and see if I can get further faster.  It should be a fun challenge.

Another reason I chose that goal was because I was in a drawing mood all October and I was worried I would not be ready for a month of solid writing afterward.  Breaking the month in half and having the key goal in the first part would allow me to ride the wave of NaNo hype and energy, and then I wouldn’t worry too much once it becomes a slog, cuz I would be at 50k, good to go, and if I was tired of writing I could go back to writing or take a break.  Maybe deal with the real world or something.  😛

I’m glad I have three stories to work on during NaNo.  There will undoubtedly be some additions to Spectra here and there, but I’m gonna mainly focus on Eldakiah and a little bit of a side story so I don’t stall out.  More on that soon.

Come join the Dare Squad…it’ll be fun. >:)

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