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30 Day Art Challenge – 4

Once more I procrastinated close to the edge of midnight, but I feel that it was sincerely worth it since I had to play with the wonders of randomly generated plots to come up with the concept.

May I present to you the grand adventure of a hero battling a vampire who terrorized defenseless baby birds!

With the power of rainbows.


If you are ever in desperate need of an instant plot, head over to

I got this one from the Movie Script generator.  I wrote in rainbow on an item prompt and was not disappointed.

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30 Day Art Challenge – 2


I procrastinated all day, grew tired with a cold (*sniffle*), and whipped up a simple background with a lantern so I would have some color instead of indecisive sketches of random characters.

Technically I did one tiny detail right at midnight, I smudged one side of the lamp so it would balance the other side I smudged out, and I would have done it right before midnight if I hadn’t switched to the wrong layer!

I guess this took about 20 minutes? 15?

Now I wonder if I shouldn’t have made the second smudge…Doesn’t quite look right.  Kinda like ending the daily word count with a messy number.

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30 Day Art Challenge – 1


Since my brain has decided I won NaNo officially and quite enough, I haven’t been writing.  So now I’m going to challenge myself to draw something every day for 30 days, mainly of comics, and see if I can consistently draw just as I had written.  I will try to post whatever work I did each day before midnight.  Even if that means I get half a sketch up.  It’s a challenge, but I may finally get a comic out of me yet.

Also I’ve gotten really tired of text posts over visually interesting ones, so.  I need to DRAW!