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The Cartooning Experiment is Sideways, But Still Moving

Yeah, I’m taking this comic seriously and I can’t just fling a page out a day.  Alas.

However, I have some work done, here is a preview:


Stark contrast to the shiny cover.  The guys haven’t been colored in, but we can pretend they’re just really well camouflaged right now.

Which suddenly made me realize they should all be invisible because they have the resources to do that and are sneaking around.


How do I draw a comic with invisible characters?

I may have to rethink these starting pages.

At least the delay gave them sounder tactics…

But the point of all of this is: I realized I should make this challenge a bit more like NaNoWriMo and less like my art challenge.  I still succeeded at NaNo without daily telling people my progress, and I would never show anyone my nano work as I made it, that would be a disaster and I wouldn’t even try.  And with a comic, I think it’s much better to work on drawing it daily, and only posting when I’m ready.  I can still talk about my progress each week and keep working on it.  Much more sensible.

And now I guess I’ll just draw some relaxing, scary backgrounds as the invisible band of adventurers move forward and go to…where they’re going….

I’m glad I called this whole thing an experiment.  Having it be flexible is the best way to keep me motivated.  Plus, I’ve been wanting to draw some other digital art, but I felt like I  couldn’t work on it if I had to draw 5 comic pages each week.  I think I’ll post an update on Friday since that’s when I started and figure out just what I want this challenge to be.

It’s all trial-and-error cartooning from here on out.

Edit: Also, this gives me time to make a webcomic website instead of spamming my blog with a page a day.

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Time for an Experiment in Cartooning: The Dragon Maidens

What I have learned from my creative challenges is that I do things when I make a specific, simple daily goal and update my progress on this blog.  So now I have decided to work on strengthening my cartooning process in particular.  I’m going to make a webcomic, and use this endeavor to get comfortable with art composition and simply making pages that build on each other–instead of random art.

This month I shall challenge myself to draw one page each weekday, starting today and ending on February 11th.  I’m plunging into it because I have a fun story idea that shouldn’t take too long, however I can tell I’m stalling myself out because I haven’t thought up enough names, or worldbuilding, or whatever, but the fact is, I just want to get the ideas I do have down and get them out of my system and show myself that I can create a webcomic and consistently update it.  It won’t be “perfect” at all, but it will be out for the world to see and possibly enjoy.

As such, I may allow myself goofy placeholder names at times, and generally not take it too seriously, because the point is learning to consistently draw a story and let others see it.  The point is to be a bit haphazard to allow perfectionism and overthinking to die, and to simply MAKE THE THING FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE!  And complete it.

So, without further ado, may I present the cover of the comic:



Look at that!  I could have fretted and wondered what to draw, but in about an hour (I think) I drew that and now I can be on my way to drawing a fun story while it’s fresh in my mind!

Time to prepare for Monday…

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My Creative Plan for 2019: Sketching Spectra Pages

Happy New Year, everyone!

I wanted to plan some creative goals for 2019, but I haven’t decided on anything yet.  After doing NaNoWriMo and the 30 day art challenge, I probably need a short rest to figure out what’s next.  I did break up Spectra 1’s outline into rough chapters so I can prepare to draft it in comic form and figure out the art composition after all the writing, but…

I have a probably of feeling like the beginning is boring.

Or too long and overwhelming and that I need to worldbuild a ton more, and pretty much I don’t know how to start this project.

But given my high activity in the months before, it’s pretty obvious I just need a bit more time before diving into the next major project.  Though I would really like to get into this next phase with Spectra.  Perhaps I need to remind myself not to draft it in chronological order, hit the key scenes first, the atmospheric grabby ones, and whittle them down till the little “boring” scenes feel like easy bits to take care of afterward.

Maybe I won’t have to take that break after all….

Because while it is a daunting task, I have learned more after these last two months, mainly that I can be consistent working each day (even if the quality is uneven), and I developed some better plot/outline tools during NaNo.

Yeah, I should just dive into drafting Spectra 1.  But I’m not starting on page 1!

Woot!  I’m getting excited once more!

So, pretty much what I’ll do is sketch with paper and pencil in two forms: really sketchy, messy pages, and more refined pages to define the composition.  One is effectively brainstorms and trying to fill in the holes my writing left, and the other is the visual effect.  And figuring out how many pages this thing is gonna end up being.  There’s gonna be so many pages…

I’m gonna give myself a couple more days to prep for this, and then I’ll draw a pile of pages.  Eek! 😀

(Seriously, I was considering taking a long break from story work until I remembered my whole never work through a story chronologically process.)