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Camp NaNo Complete – Spectra Coming Along

My April camp goal was 15,000 words and I ended it with 16,210 written.

Because of that I added 8,704 words to Spectra 1, filling in scenes I’d put off writing for ages and filling in all the holes remaining with notes for future revision.  It made me realize that Spectra 1 is enormously depressing and it’s going to be tough to balance so it’s not a slog, however there’s not much I can add to increase purely fun action.

There is also I have to decide how a deadly plot point will unfold, I have options for it, but nothing’s felt striking yet.  Likewise there’s a worldbuilding aspect I still have to nail down regarding religion and spirituality.  Can’t decide what people in Spectran society generally believe about it, what the truth is for them, etc.  It’s much easier figuring out aliens in that contest, because they can go high fantasy without it breaking realism/verisimilitude.

So I have that to figure out next.  But with the depressing aspects it feels harder to form it into a novel, whereas as a webcomic it would at least have nice visuals to uplift the mood.  I really can’t decide how to approach it.

3 thoughts on “Camp NaNo Complete – Spectra Coming Along

  1. MEEP!!! Congratulations on your progress during Camp NaNo, Jefhan!!!! I am SO beyond proud of you!!!!

    And ooooh… It sounds like this story is still giving you a hard time…. Personally, I feel like you should give it a try as a webcomic!! Have you ever considered trying to write it out in screenplay format??? I’m wondering if that would help break through some of the barriers…???

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    1. Eee! Thank you! 😀

      Yeah, it has been pretty tough, but a few more ideas have come along to help out. But as a webcomic I’d really need to break it up into smaller bits, since in writing it’s fairly easy to give adequate descriptions, but in drawing it becomes a lot of character design, costume design, set design, space ship design, and props…and wow I don’t feel prepared. xD

      But true, a script form likely works much better with my writing style, since it tends to go from massive exposition and description to suddenly gathering up bits of dialogue. I still want to have a novelization of at least the beginning eventually, but the webcomic is its true form.


      1. Ugh. I’ve been dealing with a similar (not quite the same, but SIMILAR) thing with my own writing, so the whole “not feeling prepared for anything” DEFINITELY hits home. XD But I am here for support and motivation whenever you need me!!! I will always always ALWAYS champion your work. <333

        OOOH, yeah… And that's the awesome thing about going Indie, though. You can do ALL OF THE THINGS and no one has to be the gatekeeper to how you tell your stories… Dude, I'm so excited for Spectra. It's going to be AMAZING!!!!


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