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Doing a Color Palette Tutorial

Yesterday I came across a color palette tutorial by Greg Gunn, and I decided to test it out by drawing my own version of the potted plant used as an example at the end of the tutorial.

Here is the last slide of the tutorial as an example:

And here is my first attempt with my own colors:

Weird vase with blue leaves, very unrealistic, but decent art practice.

It mostly turned out well, but the burgundy did not feel right as a shadow color, so I darkened it, and added a shadow to the base of the pot and it looked much better!

Now the burgundy looks less pink and closer to a really dark terra cotta, matching the tan much better.

I also quickly drew a landscape picture to test the colors in a suitable setting for them:

Not very realistic in shape and lighting, but the colors fit reality. I also liked using the digital oil brushes that came with my program, I don’t know why I haven’t used them before, it’s pretty ridiculous. Overall it was a nice experiment that got me out of my rut of drawing small lineart sketches constantly. Though not enough to make me feel ready to take on bigger projects.

Since then I’ve played with creating more color palettes with this system, and it’s been interesting how some colors work together well despite seeming to be a strange combo at first.