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A Study in Gray

Grisaille is a painting technique using grays and no color. In digital art it means you start off in gray and after sufficiently adjusting and shading your composition you color it in, or colorize it. There are different options available in programs.

Now, I’ve known it was a way of drawing for a long time, but I only stumbled upon the term for it recently.

I started with a sketch and then filled in the blocks of gray on two separate layers (some artists separate them later, but this was easier for me).

And to keep it fun I made a copy and colorized it right away and added a bit of shading and highlights to see what it could be like.

Then returned to the base and took a while to shade it and add details. Afterwards I colorized it, added some extra highlights because I didn’t contrast the gray enough, and finally had fun making MULTIPLE colored dresses! (But oops, I didn’t match the original hair color which I consider to be better.)


After that I wanted to quickly test different levels of contrast possible.

Then this happened:

The expression gives me crazy vibes, but the point was shading practice and not eye practice so I don’t care.