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Space Armor Concept Art

Some success, but I gotta figure out how to make it more unique and visually interesting, something that says Spectra, and not “just a random guard in a video game.” The chest armor needs some kind of cool and practical structural element.

I drew it in gray and then colorized it, I usually lean towards imagining black/gray or blue armor, but I tried out the green color just for fun. Most of Spectra‘s settings are urban or in space, so green armor never made as much sense, but I do like the color for itself.

Painted a bit more today, I’m glad I’m getting used to drawing it, but the design hasn’t clicked with me.

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Spectran Nonsense Comic

A few days ago I was itching to draw a comic and get my stories out there, but also knew I would feel too daunted if I tried to do an “official” “real” comic, so I went for something sloppy that breaks the fourth wall so I wouldn’t waste time with perfectionism.

It started off very low effort, but by the second day I got caught up in details again and felt less inclined to work on it. I want to do quantity over quality for the sake of building consistent momentum.

In which Dale is a little too rude, but even he had to fall short of God’s glory.

And what does Tristan have to do with this? Just that he is the main character for the other major series vying for my attention. Thus this next nonsense comic I spent a whole day on (with a significant amount of stalling, hence the problem of perfectionism/too many details rising up again).

There should be window panes there, but it would be visually heavy and more lines to draw.

I like painting pictures over drawing them line by line…except I’m not good enough at painting faces like that (last panel), so that discordance makes the whole process less enjoyable. Pilots in full helmets gives no room for Uncanny Valley, but Tristan, man. There was a drawing made last year, I saw the thumbnail for it and it looked nice with an interesting background of a snowy city, and Tristan in the center. “Why didn’t I share it on the blog?” Opened it full sized and saw the Uncanny Valley stare present itself.

Even if I could set aside SoA, and work on a faceless scifi hero’s story, I still find myself with very inconsistent energy levels. Sometimes there’s only drawing in me, sometimes writing, and other times I’m filled with a bunch of “Should’s” answered by “But I don’t want too.” I am capable of better art, but this is really an issue of project management. At least I’m doing a little bit a week even if not everyday.


Goodbye NaNoWriMo

Between NaNoWriMo sending kinda weird, spammy emails and begging letters, and my own lack of focus to dive into all-in novel drafting craziness, I haven’t done much with it in the last few years. I might try writing a bit more during one of its events throughout the year.

Today I deleted my account.

They sent an email today freaking out about the leaked SCOTUS overruling of Roe vs Wade. They’ve had some woke this and that show up in their messages over the years, but man, today was different. They’re freaking out because their precious abortion hEaLtHCaRe “rights” are at risk? Just quit pretending you’re nice and admit you’re part of a death cult. I’m taking my novels elsewhere.

No more NaNo events for me.

I joined so many years ago, it’s a weird way to end it for sure.

Maybe I should’ve noted down which of my earlier projects went with what year, but I know my first NaNo was in 2007, and for a few years I made progress using it to draft novels and get through some growing phases as a writer (the stories were absolutely terrible in writing quality). Through Time, Sudden Dawn…I think one of those was also called As the Sun Sets.

2007 was about a princess named Belshanaz, and it was fairly important for Thren because it’s where I started developing the Smathic kingdoms.

2008 was Through Time and about Kitallia’s adventures…and me studying meteorology and stuffing it into every part of the story possible. It was sort of the ending of her adventures and reclaiming her kingdom. And one of the only stories I actually finished enough to be called a proper story (the other is the Deathmatch Tournament).

Now I’m not sure if Sudden Dawn and As the Sun Sets were one story or two different stories in two different years. I’ve lost some of my old story files over the years given computer changes, and sometimes flat out got rid of stuff. Tristan appeared for the first time in one of these (I think in whichever was in 2010), and while he is a vitally important character and it’s good to remember his origin…it’s also good to delete it because BADLY WRITTEN!

I think it went 2009: As the Sun Sets and then 2010: Sudden Dawn with Tristan, and the next year I rewrote it as The White Tower. His story morphed tremendously over the years! I may have won both or just Sudden Dawn

After that I didn’t manage much from 2012 onwards. I had some success in 2017 when I drafted Spectra 1, or The Desolation of Kaldoa, and I got some good writing friends before then, but NaNo energy pretty much faded after that.

And now I see that’s just as well.

What’s ironic is several of my stories were about fighting a Satanic cult, that was always part of Tristan’s story. And what is abortion worship if not a demonic death cult? It’s too bad such evil didn’t stay fictional. Young me would never have thought things would turn out this badly.

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A Study in Gray

Grisaille is a painting technique using grays and no color. In digital art it means you start off in gray and after sufficiently adjusting and shading your composition you color it in, or colorize it. There are different options available in programs.

Now, I’ve known it was a way of drawing for a long time, but I only stumbled upon the term for it recently.

I started with a sketch and then filled in the blocks of gray on two separate layers (some artists separate them later, but this was easier for me).

And to keep it fun I made a copy and colorized it right away and added a bit of shading and highlights to see what it could be like.

Then returned to the base and took a while to shade it and add details. Afterwards I colorized it, added some extra highlights because I didn’t contrast the gray enough, and finally had fun making MULTIPLE colored dresses! (But oops, I didn’t match the original hair color which I consider to be better.)


After that I wanted to quickly test different levels of contrast possible.

Then this happened:

The expression gives me crazy vibes, but the point was shading practice and not eye practice so I don’t care.