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Gotta Keep the Boredom Out of Camp NaNo

Camp has been going pretty well for me in terms of page count, I’ve managed to stay ahead most of the days, and had an easy time catching up today.

Except that I got very bored.

I’ve been drawing stuff like this:



The real problem is I have no music suitable for the normal, everyday life of a family needing to enroll a kid into mage school.  I’ve got dramatic music, sad music, battle music…

Not family discussions over school issues music.  And I gotta have music playing while I work.

So I just drew something to match what I listen to instead:


This is so far away from the beginning of Spectra, it’s ridiculous.

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Camp NaNoWriMo Starts Tomorrow – Spectra Cartooning

April camp begins soon.  My goal is to sketch 75 pages color pages of Spectra, to really just focus on the color and general composition of each page.  This way I can swiftly get the gist down and visually approximate how many pages the beginning will take.  I won’t even bother with dialogue beyond key words that identify where to add the conversations later.

I decided on this goal because recently I drew the first 4 pages of Spectra in this manner.  And I drew them in 45 minutes.

It felt like very messy roughdrafting and solid work.  Yay.






It’s really about getting down the mood of each scene and the pacing of the action, while everything else can wait since the novelization is for working out dialogue and storycraft.  Breaking them up this way is great.  It gives me something to work with for estimating page numbers and what sets I need to design and all that sort of thing.

While it takes a long time and certainly has it’s frustrations, I think it’s pretty cool to have such a big story that I have to work with these hybrid draft systems and go through one layer of storycraft at a time.

And, of course, sometimes I gotta indulge in drawing nice, shiny moons and slightly better faces once in a while.

Oh man, that was such a problem I’d have with pencil and paper drafts where I’d try to storyboard, and I’d partly figure out dialogue and what the story IS but I would take up a ton of time drawing Nice Art and dramatic profiles even though I was supposed to be fast and sloppy…but pencils are delicate.

Giant, bold digital paint brushes are much better for this.