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Spectra 1 Revision: Deleting the Chaff

Start: 40,655 words and 94 pages

End: 30,313 words and 74 pages

I cut down Book 1 of Spectra today, removing all the outliney description, author notes, and obsolete material from it (okay, so maybe 0.9% of it remains) while it lopped off 20 pages and 20k words (AAA!) it made it much clearer what scenes I need to write since their spots are no longer filled with synopsis paragraphs that camouflage as narrative.

And some of it spilled over into the second book.

I should specify:  I cut down the copy of the Spectra 1 manuscript.

I have a thing about having copies.  And I simply copied a bunch of notes into a new revision note document so I don’t lose track of ideas.  Pretty much in order of the plot lines, so it should be fairly tidy.  So there’s some nice redundancy and ways to stay on track.

Still it’s weird that this thing is down to 30k.

I keep telling myself it’s going to be a giant book, that this whole storyline will be many books, but I see numbers like this and I question the whole thing.

Except I got most of the way through and listed a bunch of empty scenes that needed to be written or majorly added to…And there were 24 of them, and I added more to the list.

So, once I write through all of those, I hope my story will finally take the shape of a respectable novel instead of being such a crazy draft.

I think that’s about it for now.  I’ll probably start filling it in tomorrow AND I’ll start changing some of the outline headings within the manuscript to chapter headings!  Whoa!  (Pretty much don’t write with chapters labeled, instead I use detailed outline labels so I don’t lose my place and I know where to find specific parts of scenes and such.)

I suppose it might be fair to share an old snippet and a new snippet…

Sheyla’s parents discussing Plot Problems:

“It’s just… there’s always alien skirmishes… someday, Sheyla will be strong enough that they’ll see her…”
He put his hand on her shoulder.
“Sheyla is going to be fine, we’re going to stay where there is good security, we won’t have to give up our rights for it.”

Something I wrote the other day before copying the draft:

“Disengage,” a pilot commanded, “You are in restricted …spacespace… like airspace, but in space…Guys, what do I say here?”

And now you know why I had to cut a quarter of my words out of the story, because I talk to myself in the middle of the story all the time.  But I gotta do it to figure things out! xD

(Also just hit me that I literally cut out a quarter of my manuscript.  Wut.)

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The End of April Camp 2019 – Success

I met my goal of 75 pages and then some, for a total of 80 pages.  The beginning started out fairly well, the middle stagnated, and the end I pulled through because of my cabin member’s exhortations to fulfill the cabin stats!

I worked on Spectra at the beginning…


…and then ditched it and most of camp for a long while.

Until about the last week I caught up by sketching a lot of pages each day.  Pages that were no longer Spectra.

But this instead:


A fairy tale.

However, these last couple of days I edited Spectra 1 enough to share with friends, so I did write for it here and there.  I’m excited to share it and figure out the best ways to revise it.  I typed 1,319 words for it, and one of the middle weeks I had to write and draw by hand, so I need to add that to my revision document.

This version of Spectra 1 is only 11,490 words so far.  It’s so tiny because I took only what I wrote from Sheyla’s perspective, I call it Just Sheyla for now.  Meanwhile, Spectra 1 as a whole is at 39,763 words.  Still small, but definitely possible to turn into a novel.  If even after adding more to Just Sheyla it’s still too tiny, maybe I’ll work on the other POVs till they’re shiny and sorted out and I’ll combine them all in one, big novel.

I suppose writing the POVs one at a time makes sense.  Each character’s tale can be tight and clearly laid out, and then I can see if they’re able to stand alone as novels, or if they need to go together, and it’ll be easier to see how to put them together.  And it’s extra nice, because I can probably get a novella length story polished up and ready to show the world, even if the others will be worked on a bit longer…

All in all, the month ended on a pretty good note and I hope May will be even better now that I have this clear goal in mind.