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The Spring Cleaning Tag – For Writing

A highly useful tag on writing goals.

spring cleaning tag graphic


  • Link back to the blogger who tagged you! . . . That would be Kenzie. Thanks, Kenzie!
  • Include the graphic in your post . . . That’s done.
  • Answer the questions . . . It is complete.
  • Tag three other people . . . Maybe I will indeed…


Dust Bunnies and Plot Bunnies: Reorganize Your Writing Goals (or make new ones)


Revising Spectra 1 (The Desolation of Kaldoa) is my main goal, and the only one I can really guarantee working on consistently.  I have a pile of others stories I can work on too, comics that need to be drawn, but I know it never works to give them deadlines.

Write a novella of some kind to test self-publishing systems, since I’m optimistic about completing a Spectra book.  I have no idea what I would write though.  Probably something incredibly silly and crazy that only makes sense to me, since I just want to do it test the mechanics of publishing and accustom myself to legal matters and all that.  Sort of a throwaway test book before I put my precious Spectra out into the world.

I divided Spectra 1 into three parts, one each for Sheyla, Des, and other characters.  I’ve been unsure of how many POV’s to have in the first novelization, but everyone’s part is so small they will have to be combined to make a complete novel.  It’s nice to have each major arc in its own document right now so I can work on one story at a time and then combine them into chronological order later.

Annnnnnnd…I just entered the 100-for-100 writing contest/event thingie.  Right at the last minute (okay, I technically had about 24 hours to sign up for it still).  Since I want to get Spectra 1 publishable, getting myself to write 100 words everyday is a very good idea.  I’m pretty nervous that it goes on for one hundred days (ends in late August), but I really gotta make progress on Spectra, so there we go…

Which Stage Are You At? Expound!

Square zero for the novella!  I may use a story idea I have, or I might go for something crazy that breaks the fourth wall, who knows.

For Spectra…I’ve got Sheyla’s side and Desmond’s side neatly divided, and I’m focusing on Sheyla first.  I have a lot of beginning scenes to write and flesh out, and I hate beginnings so much.  Man, I hate beginnings.  I just want to get into the action already, but there has to be build up, people need to know certain fundamentals of the characters and the world, and I never know if I’m really doing it right, and I really don’t like it.

Part of the problem is attempting to freewrite scenes within an existing manuscript is very messy and things never mesh well.  The second half is much better than the beginning.  Not too surprising since the second half is where Sheyla “adventures” and directly faces the larger plot of Spectra.  It’s a little funny though, because Desmond’s beginning is much more solid than his ending for this book.  Though he still needs scenes in the prologue or chapter 1.  But overall his arc doesn’t have nearly as many choppy scenes and non-existent transitions that Sheyla has.

Oh, yes, and I finally managed to get the overall Spectra 1 draft to 40,000 words!  It’s still tiny!  Especially because there are still some author notes and at least two redundant scenes in there.

But probably the real reason I hate the beginning so much, is because I hate Sheyla’s parents and the pieces of cardboard they are.  Oh, and there’s not really any fighting, so that’s boring too.  Sheyla’s parents don’t even have names yet.  That’s probably holding them back a ton.  At least her dad managed to get some semblance of a personality by becoming a shuttle mechanic, and thus helping the plot by giving Sheyla useful skills.  But Sheyla’s mother is the most boring piece of cardboard.

Sheyla’s family is supposed to be a very nice family, a great family (in contrast to Desmond’s), but you know what, maybe I just don’t buy that.  Maybe a “perfect family” sounds like a lie and it’s super boring and I don’t want to pretend to know what a really good family is like.

So maybe Sheyla’s mother is actually going to have some problems.  Maybe she’s not that great a mother.  Maybe she’s actually distant, which makes a good deal of sense since Sheyla bonded with her dad over learning electronics and robotics and all the stuff related to shuttles and hovercraft that her magic is all about.  But her mother doesn’t have any kind of connection like that to her.  So maybe that causes problems.  Maybe she inadvertently treats Sheyla more like a status symbol, because she is a mage, rather than as a kid.  She won’t be an all out narcissist or anything, but she won’t be a tropey Perfect Mother(TM) or whatever it is I feared would haunt my story.

Maybe I won’t have to gag on nice family closeness because they won’t be that close and we can just get to the cool explosion and psychological horror and all the drama and doom awaiting the main characters.  Yes, that sounds better.

Bring on the aliens so everyone can join the dark side…

So there we go, I’m at the middle stage where some chunks are still pretty messy, but at least I have a number of decently written scenes keeping me anchored and aware that It Can Get Better.

Especially since Sheyla’s classmates exist…


Treasure From The Back of The Closet (share one to three snippets you love)


Oh no, what do I put here?  I want to put funny things in here, but Spectra 1 really doesn’t have much humor (there is humor in the later books, thankfully).  Which ones do I love that aren’t spoilery?

“But why are we leaving?” Sheyla asked.

“You’ll understand when you’re older,” her dad said, putting his arm around her.

Allow me to introduce you to Sheyla’s classmates as they are written now!

“Hi, let’s hangout guys!” Sheyla said.

“I agree!” Ryan said.

“Robot party!” bubbly girl said.

“I only want to play BOARD GAMES!  So no one can be accused of cheating,” grump girl said.


And it is brought up:

“But what if xytari find us?  We’d get eaten!”

“I’d blast ‘em!” orange dude said.

“That’s why people move to the Union’s Capitol.”

“But that’s totally impossible!” Bubbly said.

“Nuh-uh!  I heard the confederacy is gonna try joining!” a guy said.


“Then we can ALL move there.”

“Since we’re all mages, but otherwise you’d have to be RICH.”

They go off to someone’s house to play go fish.


“But what’s up with the Union?” Sheyla asked.

“It’s a thing.”

“I dunno.”



“Guys, I heard that the Union experiments on mages, trying to make more!  Have all these rumors and stuff!” a guy said breathlessly.

“Eek! That sounds scary and spooky!” Bubbly said.


This is basically all the major plot points Sheyla has with her friends.  Except for the finally goodbye later.  It’s such a skeleton, but I prefer these kids over her parents any day (I mean, it helps they have names or nicknames, and I’ve written more notes about them, and also some of them show up again…).


Bonus:  Do Some Actual Spring Cleaning of Your Writer Self! (and share a picture!)

I washed some dishes that were cluttering up my desk, so that’s good enough for now.


Edit: Oops, I didn’t tag anyone…Now I have to think about that.  Or ignore it…Let’s just ignore it, it’s nearly summer anyway…


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The Liebster Award Tag

Time for a tag, Kenzie has given me a pile of questions to answer.  At last I have completed it.

The Rules

Thank the blogger that nominated you – Thank you, Kenzie!

Answer the 11 questions they gave you

Name 11 facts about yourself – WHY IS THIS SO HARD?!

Nominate 11 bloggers to do the tag and make sure they know – We all know how this goes, everyone else has already been tagged.

Give them 11 questions to answer – I’m still gonna do it anyway.


The Answers

1.  What is the most hilarious pun you can think of? (go crazy with it, folks. I need a good laugh right now.)



2. Are you obsessed with any TV shows/movies/book series’? If so, what is it, and what sparked your obsession? (if you’re not obsessed with any of the above, feel free to just give your favorite flavor of cake for this question)

I’ve been watching most of the Marvel movies since last Fall, and I am finally caught up, awaiting Endgame.

(And avoiding spoilers now.)

3. If you could shapeshift into any mythical creature, which creature would you pick and why?

My initial thought is a dragon, but I’ve said that before, and I realized it might be more fun to be a fairy, cuz I could still look like myself but I’d have magic and be able to fly.  I would be a human sized fairy, not a tiny one, though.


4. What is one classic book you want to read before you die?

The Iliad, because that seems like the most pretentious answer possible, for I feel that if the only Classic one read was The Illiad, everyone would consider you an intellectual know-it-all braggart.  Cuz it’s not just a Classic, it’s an ancient Classic!

Also I once attempted to read it when I was younger and I got over 20 pages into it and that was further than my siblings ever got with it.

I’m so special, aren’t I? 😛

(I originally wrote Lord of the Rings in here, but then I went and read it last month.)


5. What is your favorite book of all time?

I’m not sure I have a favorite for all time, but my favorite book I read recently is the Lord of the Rings.  It was the right book at the right time for me.


6. If your answer for question 5 was being turned into a movie, which character would you want to play in the film and why?

I’d be an elf in the background.  Probably.


7. Oh no! Your purse just got stolen by a creepy old man in a ski mask! Thankfully, you managed to hold onto that seriously thick book you’ve been reading, though! Which book do you hurl at the old man’s head to knock him out cold and retrieve your precious satchel?

The DnD Player’s Handbook.  Look’s like I just gained some XP!  Or else, whatever library books I’m borrowing or returning.


8. IT’S A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! AAAAAH! What weapon do you arm yourself with in the old abandoned shed out back: A) a rusty pitchfork, B) a quiver of arrows (uncle Ben accidentally broke the bow while playing croquet three months ago), or C) a cheese grater, which you’re not really sure how it got out there in the first place, but you’re not willing to go down without a gouda fight?

Gotta say the rusty pitchfork is the best idea, the arrows are useless without a bow.  And the pitchfork is a versatile weapon you could stab or hit them with, at a bit of distance, so that’s good.

But it would also be good to take the quiver if I can make or repair a bow later.


9. Why did you decide to start a blog in the first place, and what are three things you wish you’d known before you started blogging?

Originally I wanted a place I could post about my stories and build up a webcomic space, and then I started using WordPress because my friends use it too.

I don’t know about three things, but I will say this: I wish I had really thought about what CATEGORIES to use for my blogs to organize things well.  As it is, there’s kind of a random assortment of Story and Comics, and why did I mix this up?  Basically, I wish I had thought through it a ton better early on, because now I feel like it’s a mess and it seems too annoying to fix if I even had an idea for what I wanted.  So.  Define your categories well before starting.

Also, I think I wish I had known my blog was going to be more of a casual behind-the-scenes showing of my writer/artist process rather than my original intent of posting the actual stories and art.  Because I derailed so far from that.


10. If you were a Neverland local, who would you be and why: A) one of the lost boys, B) a mermaid in mermaid lagoon, C) a pixie, or d) Captain Hook himself?

A mermaid.  I love the idea of swimming in a fantasy realm.


11. If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?

I would like my own home that I could decorate any way I want!


The Facts

11 facts about myself…

  1. Let me just draw a blank mind for this.  When my mind turns blank I tend to envision a mass of fog utterly engulfing the landscape around it.  Except maybe the mountaintops manage to show through if they’re backlit.
  2. I once saved a caterpillar from a spider web.
  3. I’m bad at strategy games so I don’t bother taking them seriously, but sometimes I still win.
  4. I despise Demise with all of my being.
  5. I like meteorology.
  6. I would go dungeon delving for secrets and treasure if I was teleported to a fantasy realm.
  7. I am dissatisfied with Desmond’s last name.  I have too many Kal- sounds everywhere.
  8. I like learning about interior decorating.
  9. Pinterest is my bingeing activity.  It goes with the above fact.
  10. I am not ready for warm weather to come.  Noooo!
  11. This was an excruciating list to put together.  I shall reward myself with hazelnut chocolate for it is tasty.



Sorry, but everyone has been tagged by others already.  But I’ll make up random questions anyway if someone wants to answer them on their blog or in the comments.


My Questions

1: What’s your favorite insect?

2: What’s a field of science you’re interested in? (Meteorology, electronics, biology…etc.)

3: Which of the four basic elements do you relate to most?

4: What’s a common theme or event in your dreams?

5: What’s a way of traveling you would like to try? (Roadtrip, cruiseship, train,  etc.)

6: If you could only have one dessert base for the rest of your life, would you prefer whipped cream or ice cream? (Or non-dairy equivalents)

7: What’s your favorite number?

8: If you entered a magical world, would you rather go delving in dungeons for treasure and secrets, get swept away into courtly intrigues and glamor, or immediately settle in a friendly forest and have tea with talking animals each day?

9: Or would you prefer to visit a futuristic sci-fi world and get yourself  a hoverbike?

10: What’s your favorite flower?

11: Would you rather have a talking cat, a gryphon, or a fireplace dragon (that steals all your jewelry) as a pet?

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The Star Wars Character Tag

I’m taking a tag!  I saw it on Phoebe’s blog so I decided to try it too.





2. Refer To Number 1.

3. There is one absolute rule: You MUST use your own characters (OCs) for this tag. (Brownie points if you add pictures of your characters.)

4. The Sorta Rule: Scream a huge thank you to whoever tagged you for this whilst treating them to a pizza dinner at your favorite pizza chain.  Thanks Phoebe for being the one I found this from, and thanks Penny for making it!  You’re getting Papa Murphy’s pizza.

5. The Kinda Rule: Include This Link In The Post So That The Penny Can Read Everyone’s Answers To This Smol Strange Tag:

6. The Rule That’s Not Really A Rule But It Would Be Great: Include the graphic and tag at least three Jedi or Sith Lords.

(I think there are actually rules here…)

All the characters I list are from Spectra.


The Questions


1. Who’s Your Obi Wan Kenobi? (sassy, a great mentor, but can be a bit strict)

Dale is the only mentory character I think…I’m not sure what his strictness level is, but he is definitely the most mentory of my characters.


2. Who’s Your Leia Organa? (feisty, incredible comebacks, and does their own thing)

This is Desmond.  He’s more angry than feisty, but still, this is Desmond.


3. Who’s Your Finn? (overeager, adorable, a cinnamon roll)

Rurry, a little creature that hasn’t shown up on the blog yet.  He is the INTELLIGENT ANIMAL SIDEKICK!  He can’t speak human, but he can understand human.

Or possibly it’s Tom Blackwell because he seems way more excited and happy than anyone else.  And he shows up in the story sooner.  But he’s probably too stabby to be a proper cinnamon roll.  I’ll let it be a draw for now.


4. Who’s Your Padmé? (kind, loving, but also kick butt)

Astarta, she cares to the point of being clingy, but at least she manages to be helpful and not run around screaming when aliens attack.  She’s ready with a first aid kit anywhere she goes.  Usually.


5. Who’s Your Count Dooku? (deliciously evil, extra, and sick burns)

Ooooh, you know the Outlaw Who Must Be Properly Named is the best fit for this, atmospherically…Except… more politeness is needed.  She is not a polite villainess.  But I think the three traits listed certainly work for her.


6. Who’s Your BB-8? (too cute, everyone loves them, can do no wrong)

I have a robot character who needs to be named still who is cute.  Honestly, most of the robots are fairly cute, unless they’re battle bots.  I haven’t written him into the story yet, but I predict the cute robots will be a hit.  Even when they call the Kaldoans “Wretched Scum.”  At least their tone of voice doesn’t sound harsh.


7. Who’s Your Yoda? (underestimated, extra, and wise)



8. Who’s Your Anakin Skywalker? (bratty, rebellious, whiny)

Okay, but Anakin is also good in a fight, so I feel like that character trait is missing here.  But anyway, going by the three traits listed…Desmond’s sister.

But she’s not around much.

Perhaps Naomi would fit here, though she’s more of a spunky rebel, not a bratty one.


9. Who’s Your C3-PO? (always worrying, gives depressing information, constantly wailing)

I don’t know who my top worrier is.

Seems like everyone keeps their stress inside or lets it out with explosions.  Literal explosions.  They don’t wail like C3-PO.

I think the most I can offer is that there will surely be background characters reacting to disasters and they will surely wail and wonder what the blazes the heroes are doing just to mess up their normal day!


10. Who’s Your Luke Skywalker? (hero, has been through a lot, has their share of flaws)


She’s stuck having to save the day eventually, it would seem.



Others have been tagged, but I stole this one anyway, so feel free to do it if you feel like it.

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The NaNoWriMo Fanatic Tag!

Kenzie tagged me.  Let the fun of NaNo Fanaticism begin!  Thanks, Kenzie!

The NaNoWriMo Fanatic Tag 2.jpg

. . .THE RULES. . .

1. Insert the tag graphic into your post.

2. Link back to Kenzie’s post.

3. Answer all — or as many — of the questions as you like.

4. Refer to our communal family bunny named Fanny at least once in your post.

5. Eat three cookies. . .

(I have definitely eaten three cookies.)

6. Post a clean list of ALL of the questions somewhere in your post. . .


7. Tag as many friends as you want!

(You are tagged if you’re reading this and haven’t done it already.)


My Answers


PART ONE. . . Get to know me


What is your NaNoWriMo Username?


Are you a plotter, pantser, plantser, or planter? (because you are actually a plant, but SHHHHHH. no one can know this.)

I usually call myself a plantser, because I plan chunks of stories, and other chunks are a void I must discover while writing.  However, I very much like the idea of being a planter, throwing story seeds here and there and cultivating the wild mess that grows into a lovely garden.  A lovely ideal.

I think in reality my story garden has a couple thoroughly overgrown corners, and the rest has randomly seedlings spread throughout the dirt.  And a large compost pile of obsolete ideas that will someday be made manifest again as bits of nutrients are fed to the plants once more…

It’s rather a nice plotting metaphor, indeed.

No, no, Fanny, don’t eaten my cabbages they aren’t ready yet!

Fanny, don’t bring your friends here or I’ll turn Mr. McGregor on you punks…I have enough plots to work with without you ravaging my old ideas, thank you very much.

How many years have you done the NaNo? How many times have you won?

I have done 11 NaNos, and I have won four times.  IT’S TIME FOR YEAR TWELVE!!!

What is your NaNoWriMo Origin Story?

My sister did it and the next year I joined in.

Do you have any writing “lucky charms”? (a stuffed dragon, a favorite pen, a paperclip that fills you with all of the inspiration???)

Nope.  Though I wouldn’t mind getting one.

I could maybe count my set of polyhedral dice in a marbly slate blue, because I use them sometimes to pick a scene to write.  Often I completely disregard the result though….

What is your absolute favorite NaNoWriMo memory?

I think successfully writing 75,000 words in a month and getting a decent chunk of Spectra written out is probably in the top favorite moments.  Participating in the NaNo Dare Squad is also a favorite memory.  It was a fun way to cap off such an achievement!

How do you pronounce NaNoWriMo? (Na-No-RYE-Mo, or Na-No-REE-Mo?)




What’s the name of your NaNoWriMo Project?

Well, I had thought of writing Eldakiah, but I’ve just gotten spurred on to continue Spectra, so, I’m probably going to do both depending on my mood.  I’ll answer most of the questions on behalf of Eldakiah though.

I also have a smaller side story I sense I may need to get out of my system, so that’s an extra back-up.

What is your project’s genre?

Fantasy with adventure and romance.  And Spectra is Spectra.

Introduce us to your cast!

Elda is a wind mage and fletcher from a place vaguely inspired by Nordic aesthetics.  The story starts off when she is 12 but most of it occurs in her late teens or adulthood.  As she grows up she becomes a fierce warrior and an adventurer.

Sentinel is an earth mage.

The Prince is an important character I still haven’t named after all this time.

The Royal Sword of Brigona – A very important artifact even if it is a prop and not a character.  But it powers things that can be characters.

Some dragons sprinkled throughout.

What is your novel’s theme?

It’s about finding where you belong, or perhaps accepting where the unexpected place you belong, and fiercely defending it.

What are your novel’s main settings?

The Storyworld: Thren

The Magic Wilds – Where once lay the great Brigonan empire is now forested mountains with monsters lurking within.  Or maybe just a wild dragon nesting in a hot spring.  One is never quite sure.

Some Towns – Elda has to go somewhere to buy flour.  Plus, trade towns are good spots for adventurers to hang out.

The Fairy Forest – At least a little bit.

Kingdoms – You need them to have a reason for a war to happen.

Are you using any plotting/story structures for your project, or are you just winging it like the beautiful pixie that you are?

I have it mentally mapped out a bit, a few notes written down about the main plot points, and then all the knowledge gained from drawing some scenes before (usually the same ones with variations).  There’s no tidy, concise outline all in one spot.  There will be plenty of winging it this year.  Which is appropriate because Elda likes flying.

Spectra has a pretty detailed list outline.

What are some ways you prepare for The NaNo? (mentally, physically, eating five bars of chocolate at once because #energy)

These blog tags have helped.  I like writing story notes beforehand, getting a new notebook, and having some candy, snacks, and hot chocolate packets ready to go.

I need to get some fingerless gloves, sweaters, and other cozy things ready for use too.

What’s in your writing toolkit? (pictures are encouraged!)

I think it’s mostly google docs and open office this year.

My workstation is only decorated with the entire outline of Spectra on the wall, so I’m not gonna take a photo and let you see the MASSIVE SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!

PART THREE. . . Inspiration

What was the initial inspiration for your NaNoWriMo novel?

I’m not quite sure how it all coalesced a few years ago, but growing up with the Legend of Zelda and listening to the Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack was integral to Eldakiah existing.  There were a few characters I made up before Elda that set a precedent for her style as a heroine, but the only specific inspiration I can think of is the name.  Eldakiah came from a very different character I made years ago.  Eldikiah the Gold Golem.  I just changed the second vowel to differentiate them, and decided that Elda is her given name, while -kiah is a title added on (“the Mighty”).

I just wanted a story about a heroine fighting epic boss battles in the form of stone golems and such.  The sword provided the plot thereafter.

It’s just great that my heroine who fights magical constructs got named after the main magical construct created by a villain in another story.  It may not be set in Thren anymore though, cuz I got the idea “What if Eldikiah was turned human?”

What’s your NaNoWriMo Novel’s Word Aesthetic?

windswept plains, high mountains ringing you in a valley, grappling rope against moving stone, beacon of light beyond the hill, rainfall by the forest, cobalt blue, determined eyes, cracking crystal shining bright

Share your Pinterest boards and music playlists!

I have Pinterest boards for Spectra and Eldakiah!

I don’t have a specific playlist.  Except Eldakiah was inspired by the Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack.

What’s your absolute best advice to new (and old!) NaNoers?

THE DAILY WORDCOUNT BADGE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!  IT WILL MAKE YOU WRITE EVERYDAY!  Some days may be 5000 words, some only 5 words, but everyday your wordcount will rise and your calendar will be mostly green and not red.

Also, lurk on the Over Achievers board cuz it will make you want to push yourself and see what your true limits are.  Cuz maybe you can be insane and write 25k in a week.

Most importantly, write a story you desperately want to exist in the real world.


The End!

The Questions Unanswered

As promised, here’s a clean list of the questions for anyone wanting to do the tag!

. . . THE QUESTIONS. . .

PART ONE. . . Get to know me

What is your NaNoWriMo Username?

Are you a plotter, pantser, plantser, or planter? (because you are actually a plant, but SHHHHHH. no one can know this.)

How many years have you done the NaNo? How many times have you won?

What is your NaNoWriMo Origin Story?

Do you have any writing “lucky charms”? (a stuffed dragon, a favorite pen, a paperclip that fills you with all of the inspiration???)

What is your absolute favorite NaNoWriMo memory?

How do you pronounce NaNoWriMo? (Na-No-RYE-Mo, or Na-No-REE-Mo?)


What’s the name of your NaNoWriMo Project?

What is your project’s genre?

Introduce us to your cast!

What is your novel’s theme?

What are your novel’s main settings?

Are you using any plotting/story structures for your project, or are you just winging it like the beautiful pixie that you are?

What are some ways you prepare for The NaNo? (mentally, physically, eating five bars of chocolate at once because #energy)

What’s in your writing toolkit? (pictures are encouraged!)

PART THREE. . . Inspiration

What was the initial inspiration for your NaNoWriMo novel?

What’s your NaNoWriMo Novel’s Word Aesthetic?

Share your Pinterest boards and music playlists!

What’s your absolute best advice to new (and old!) NaNoers?

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NaNoWriMo 2018: The Dare Squad and 50K in Half a Month

The NaNo Dare Squad has returned once more!

The Dare Squad was formed by Kenzie to make NaNoWriMo extra fun…and dangerous.  It’s an extra incentive, it’s a group game…you set a specific goal for yourself to achieve in November and if you fail, you must do one of the Dares.  Each participant submits a dare with their goal.  And the dares are kept secret until the last part of November.

It’s an great way to feel more successful with NaNo if you know you can’t write 50k this year, but you still want to join the fun and want to write, say, 25k.  You can win freedom from the dares with that 25k.  Unless everyone wants to do the dares anyway and Kenzie pulls a twist again and the winners get a dare too. >:)

Last year I won my goal (75k words), but I still got to do a dare, because it was fun.

Now it is a fresh, new year.

My Goal:  Write 50,000 words BEFORE the 17th of November.  If I get to 50k by November 16th, 11:59pm I will be good.

I just have to prepare myself for the mad blaze of writing to come.  Oh boy.

I picked this goal because last year I wrote 25k in one week and 21k the week after.  I hit 50k on day 17.  I keep thinking about that and I want to replicate and improve that success, so I’ll push the date back by one and see if I can get further faster.  It should be a fun challenge.

Another reason I chose that goal was because I was in a drawing mood all October and I was worried I would not be ready for a month of solid writing afterward.  Breaking the month in half and having the key goal in the first part would allow me to ride the wave of NaNo hype and energy, and then I wouldn’t worry too much once it becomes a slog, cuz I would be at 50k, good to go, and if I was tired of writing I could go back to writing or take a break.  Maybe deal with the real world or something.  😛

I’m glad I have three stories to work on during NaNo.  There will undoubtedly be some additions to Spectra here and there, but I’m gonna mainly focus on Eldakiah and a little bit of a side story so I don’t stall out.  More on that soon.

Come join the Dare Squad…it’ll be fun. >:)