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The Last Ones

Graphic novella, sci-fi fantasy with a dark, cinematic tone.  Posting a page as I go.


Started posting it as serial novel, realized that wasn’t quite working, now I’m working on it behind-the-scenes and trying to figure out how to balance novelizing it and making it a webcomic later.  Pretty much all my writing update posts are about it.

Major Stories I frequently mention:


This is the name of my sci-fi Storyworld, the one with Sheyla and Desmond, and The Desolation of Kaldoa.  Sheyla and Des belong to the same overall story, but I keep fiddling with the idea of Des having a smaller story all his own within it.  Right now, the main planet is called Spectra, but I’m not sure if I want to keep it that way, because I would prefer Spectra to refer to the series or the setting as a whole.

Also, I decided to call Desmond’s side of the story When the Stars Shone Upon Us because that sounds so melancholy and romantic.  And spacey.  And dark, very dark, with an occasional sparkle of hope, until it turns into a brilliant nebula.  Sparkles!


Goodguys: Sheyla Klark, Naomi, Robert Darhurst (except he keeps not joining the story action early enough…), and Astarta Roven.

Bad Goodguys/Good Badguys: Desmond Caltrez and the Void Lord (Naomi’s dad).

Badguys Who Are Nifty: The Cool Villainess who keeps smashing my outline.

Badguys Who Are Just Bad: A LOT.


The beginnings of Princess Diandra’s adventures and eventual mysteries, Willowbrook is a magic school in Thren.  And so far it’s very safe and hard to write a conflict in.  Though I may have had a breakthrough on it today…but it will be a while.  Meantime I might just make little snippets of their early years in Willowbrook.

Main Characters:

Princess Diandra of Caskora, Miranda Deleurian of Valestria, and Elvyla Aversham of Adawine.  And Ravak the dragon!  Who is small enough to trot along underfoot and maneuver anywhere.  Because he is young.


A wind mage named Elda, an ancient, magical sword, and lots of magical wilderness to explore.  Possibly kingdoms to save later.

Sons of Adawine

A series about Tristan and Dhelran in Adawine that keeps taking a backseat to everybody else.  Boys become warriors and they fight badguys.  One of them falls in love with a pretty girl and the other cries in a corner because he can’t find a love interest.  So sad. >:)

Elvyla is also part of this story, in fact, it was where I originally made her up.

7 thoughts on “Story Projects

    1. Nope, it is NOT wrong to be extremely fangirling right now. 😀
      So long as your computer survives.

      And yes, you are most likely to find my stories in misty mountains, good call. xD


      Liked by 1 person

      1. My computer is dead. As am I. But we live happily as ghosts now. XD

        I know, right??? Misty mountains are the dream of all writer kind. Or, at least, they’re MY dream, so…yeah. TIS GOOD WE HAVE THIS IN COMMON. 😂

        Well, my fangirlingg is rather silent and invisible on the outside, but on the inside it’s like there’s a bunch of fireworks and squealing and an overload of excitement and SOMETIMES it leaks out through squeals and grins and sparkly eyes and flapping limbs akimbo. So. Probably something like that. I can’t exactly remember what I was doing now… 😂

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      2. Then you’ll have to find a mansion to haunt! Preferably one with hidden treasure.


        MAD HYPERNESS!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!! Okay, this makes me feel like I can become an awesome writer. xD

        The other question is WHY the fangirling, was it all the stories, or Spectra in particular…? (Also, I added a second paragraph to Spectra’s description.)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Will do! *floats off to find hidden treasure*


        This is because you CAN become an awesome writer. It’s in your blood.

        I’m not sure…. I think it’s because I’ve heard so much about these stories through bits and pieces and Group Therapy, and seeing this is like seeing them all come together as something whole and real… Idk, maybe I’m just odd. XD (I went up and read t and ACK! I LOVE IT!!!)

        Liked by 1 person

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