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A Break in the Silence

I’m sharing some of the in-progress art I’m working on, including the next page for The Last Ones, since I haven’t updated it in a while.


So, that’s panel one in its present state.  There’s nothing else to the page yet.  I got one of those “I drew a good picture, I’m sure everything I draw after it will turn out terrible if I continue where I left off” feelings.

And…here’s a sketch of Des:


This one is very ironic.  Because I started drawing it to break out of my art skills/consistency paranoia.  I thought Maybe if I draw a simple cartoon version of a parody of a scene in Spectra, I’ll get back into drawing.  Then it took a bit to compose the page.

And then I drew a fairly realistic Des and even added his jacket’s zipper details.

Self, this was supposed to be an easy comic to get things going again.

Oh well, at least it’s my sketchy, imperfect form of realistic art.  It’s also interesting seeing the different mechanics of drawing I use, so far TLO has been mostly painting with little proper lineart, while Des is obviously lines EVERYWHERE!

Also, real life has been a little busy, so there’s that too.

Anyway, I just wanted to post here so you know there’s more coming with my stories.  They’ll come out eventually.

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Author Ramble Time

So, I’ve been working on the next page of The Last Ones and on Spectra’s outline.

The Last Ones

The comic page is almost done, and I find I have to complete one bit before I move onto the next bit, rather than drawing an entire sketch and slowly polishing it.  I make a polished chunk here, and then make another, and move on down the page and use a lot of layers to keep things from getting messed up.  I seem to prefer digital painting over relying on line art, as well.  At least not the really refined, obvious line art that is common in comics.


I’ve been getting more work done on Spectra, as well.  I wrote a seven page outline with bullet points for the whole series, and I’ve added a few here and there.  Some points are a bit hazy and I’ll need to specify them later, or add more points, but this is still the most thorough I’ve plotted Spectra, so I’m excited about that.  And certain plot elements that felt way too hazy or had holes also got sorted out.  The biggest problem is simply sorting out how the latter third will go, and also the pacing between different Points of View.  There’s a large section with Sheyla in the second “book” but Desmond also has a lot going on, and his timeline is not so clear to me.  Something to fix, but I think it is manageable.

Currently I have 298 points on my outline.

I really need to take a hazy point and add the details so it’s 300…

Oh, I’m at 301 now.

But some of those points are kinda…vague:

  1. Stuff
  2. Stuff
  3. More stuff
  4. Battles
  5. Rebels
  6. Things

Those are actually later in the timeline.  The real first points in the outline are this:

  1. Sheyla and lightning
  2. School and emp concerns
  3. Sheyla’s dad and shuttles
  4. TV debate
  5. Birthday party with background politics
  6. Intense politics/news

This is how the comic would start.  Except I get an existential crisis thinking about drawing all of it, and trying to finish Spectra.  Eek!

The points are also uncertainly certain of something occurring:

245. Chaos?

It’s interesting, pretty much after Point 200 things do get murkier, so two-thirds of the story I know pretty well, but afterward, not so much.  And there’s still more points to add.  I just haven’t done it because the timing/pacing is still a bit uncertain.  I predict my outline will become at least 500 points later on.

After outlining I wrote some parts of scenes where I had clear dialogue.  Because I can daydream different scenes for hours, get a feel for how the I want the story to go, and once I sit down to write, THE DIALOGUE IS ALL GONE!  All the cool, expertly said stuff in my head is gone, and the only thing remaining are dribbly gists of the scene.  So I’m trying to write whatever snippets I come across once they happen now.

Except certain scenes I know will morph a million times and I pretty much figure I’ll know how they go once I write them after writing the stuff that chronologically came before them.  Mostly that’s Desmond’s problem.

My problem is I’m writing this like a novel, but I plan on making a webcomic, except I’ll probably do both, but both is even more work, but novels are more efficient than webcomics, but dang it this story is super visual and colors are especially important, but I also don’t want to draw everything that happens?  And what if it’s TOO REDUNDANT??!!!


Do you prefer novels or webcomics?

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Celebrating 50 Followers!

Yay!  Thanks for following me, everybody!  At last count I had 53 followers, so that’s pretty cool for my little blog.

To further celebrate this, here is a sneak peak of something I’m working on:


Because flaming spaceships are just like fireworks, right?

A comic called The Last Ones.

It is a short story, or perhaps a cinematic-style short, that I’ve had in mind for a few months.  Since I’m struggling with Spectra and want to get some art practice in, I figure I should try to make this comic.  There’s only a few substantial scenes to it, so I hope it will actually be short.

I delayed starting it for so long because I don’t know any of the characters names.  Or the places.  But then I thought, “Maybe it’s not about characters and plot in the normal story way, maybe it’s about ART!” and so it is highly experimental and we shall see if it makes for a satisfying story, or if it is merely art with story glimpses.

I’m not going to say much about the plot except that it is sci-fi, and fantasy (of course), and involves explosions.  Otherwise the mystery will be all gone…

At any rate, I’ll be better prepared for Spectra afterward.