Book Review: A Thousand Perfect Notes

A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G. Drews.

Allow me to fling out my thoughts because I just finished the book yesterday!

Just. Just.

That internal struggle teenagers face trying to stand up to their parents when they know it’s right but they just don’t have the courage because they’ve never been able to before and there’s no one else to support them when it would all inevitably go wrong.

That was just so captured in the book and all I can feel is ouch ouch ouch.

And also feeling unable to tell anyone about his problems lest he embarrass himself (though really expose his mother for how awful she is though he can’t really admit that because what kid can admit their parent is awful when they’re stuck with them?!)

Yeah, that was all amazing and the Maestro felt so real, like those psycho parents you’ll hear about in the news after beating up their kid.  Agh.  All the unstable “logic” and manipulation of that kind of parent, it’s a pretty good snapshot of all those negative facets for someone to be wary of in a person.

I’m not sure how to describe this book, there’s a lightness to it, an accessibility to a heavier theme, but that theme makes it dark.  It’s gloomy, but it doesn’t turn reading burdensome.  I guess it’s well balanced.  And the last few pages from the end, my eyes got watery and tears fell out.  A solid book, and so exciting to read after anticipating for so long!

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An Illustration of a Storyteller at Work



My Frustration Personified

Basically, I feel like I’m overthinking Spectra and ought to get started on the comic version (the novels are absolutely not ready to be shared though), however it’s still intimidating.  And man, I want to draw quick simple comics like this instead of proper ones.  I have no idea what to do.  I’m better off drawing something than only overthinking…but I don’t want my stories all reduced to silly comics.


100 for 100 Update

I failed that “write 100 words a day for 100 days” challenge.  Rather expected that to happen.  I wrote about 4,000 words for Spectra (a lot of it plans, not purely narrative), so that was good.  Except I had a habit of not writing out my ideas fully when I had them because I wanted to have an idea for tomorrow to work with.  I kept halting myself too much.

Plus, comics are where it’s at for me.

I think what I really want is to have some fun comics with my characters so you can see them in action instead of only being told about them.  I don’t have any ideas for a premise though, since the idea of a non-canon practice comic just seems to take away from finally getting to the real story.

I keep re-outlining and making outlines in new systems, but maybe I need to just draw the comic…but it would be so much more simplistic than I want and I’d have to redraw it later.  Basically a roughdraft.  Is it better to share the rough version of a comic with readers now, or keep waiting around till I somehow feel ready for it…?

Possible Website?

Oh, yeah, and this last week I looked into website stuff for comics.  I got a Wix account and I’m seeing if it could work for my comics.  I’d consider using one of the webcomic hosting sites out there except I want a bunch of comics online that I’d update sporadically.  I figure it would be too unusual for a normal comic site.

But I’m still learning how to use Wix, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to move forward with it yet.  It would be nice to have a centralized cyber home.  Mostly I have to figure out databases and dynamic pages so I can easily upload new comic pages without manually creating a new webpage for each one.